Community Guidelines

Help us keep our communities healthy by following these simple guidelines. 

Rule 1

Respect All Identities and People​

  1. Including all races, pronouns, gender identities, sexual orientations, and religions.
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Rule 2

Listen First

  1. In trans educational groups, we ask that cis people refrain from commenting on any Facebook post for 2 hours of the post being published, unless specifically stated in the OP, or if there is an admin-led follow thread.
  2. Similarly, we ask that you stay in your lanes. There may be a time when we restrict threads to certain demographics and we expect you to respect those restrictions
  3. With respecting voices comes respecting labor. Please leave your posts or comments, even if things didn’t go the way you expected. You are welcome to turn off notifications if you are feeling overwhelmed, but deletion is very disrespectful to members and removes their work.
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Rule 3

Act With Compassion

  1. This community is meant to be home for anyone who genuinely wants to learn more about trans people. That is our north star.
  2. This is a meeting place, a growing place, and a place of self-examination. A space you can come to safely grow — that you’re not irredeemable or bad.
  3. Be kind and assume good faith when answering questions.
  4. Please answer questions: “google it” and knee-jerk responses to not help educate the asker or the audience.
  5. When offering feedback on something you feel is problematic, focus on the problem not the person.  Assume good faith, seek clarification of intent, and offer your account of the impact.
  6. When receiving feedback, try to stay open and take a break if needed. It’s not personal.  Think of correction and feedback as a sign of trust and good faith that you’re here to do better.
  7. Please refrain from sealioning, baiting/provocation, personal attacks, and gotchas. Remember our goal here is to grow, not one-up each other.
  8. Please provide appropriate content warnings for posts and comments. Additionally, please edit your post/comment to accommodate any reasonable content warning requests.
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Rule 4

Honor Privacy

  1. Get explicit and clear consent from any member before you message them or send friend requests privately.
  2. All posts on Facebook referencing children must be made anonymously, photos containing children are not allowed.
  3. All screenshots must be anonymized properly (No visible names, profile photos, or identifiable information in the content)
  4. Please respect other members’ privacy by not snooping their profiles or other accounts.
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Rule 5

Post Standards

We might reject posts and/or comments, or ask you to edit them, for a variety of reasons that aren’t limited to, but include: 

  1.  Hate speech, slurs, personal attacks, or disrespect
  2. All caps messages, mixed case messages, or other text formatting that can break screen reading software.
  3. Link drops.
  4. Not enough information
  5. Not a topic that the space you’re in handles.
  6. Promotional Materials (without permission)
  7. Material best suited for another of our spaces or sister groups.
  8. Not educational or helpful content, unlikely to encourage a useful discussion.
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Rule 6


  1. If you are able, please provide image captions and video transcriptions.  If you are unable to do so, and someone else writes them for you, please edit them into your comment or post.
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Rule 7

Keep questions and discussions ethical and in bounds.

  1. Questions and comments should not assume that trans people act or behave as a monolith or that we can take responsibility for, or even association with, the actions of individuals who are (or are thought to be) trans. Instead ask questions about the issue at hand without using inflammatory examples or assuming trans guilt or violence.
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