Steph Pearson

Steph Pearson


Let me tell you my backstory...

Hi! I’m Steph, your friendly neighbourhood non-binary trans admin. I was born and live in the UK, and am half Chinese (Hakka descendent) and of mixed ethnicity. I am also genderfluid.

I joined the team in 2020 because I want to make a positive change to how trans people are viewed, and help [build up what is currently a largely estranged relationship between cis people and the trans community] / [maintain an environment where people can learn and dispel worries, fears, and misunderstandings, without being shunned for them]. I believe in bridging the gap by sitting down and speaking to one another, promoting calm and empathetic discussion and learning. If I can help any single person to gain any understanding about trans people, it’s a day well spent.

Outside of my admin and advocacy work within the group, I also contribute graphic design! Some of the more recent graphics you will see, like our logo, are from yours truly. I am an industrial designer by trade but, as with most of us, I have training in graphic design too. I strive to deliver beautiful and accessible designs, and love to work collaboratively with our community – it’s a privilege to get direct feedback from users with a variety of accessibility requirements.

In my spare time, I like to sing, play piano & guitar, and write songs (#deep) & musical arrangements. I also collect plants (both trivia and physical specimens).

I have ADHD (diagnosed when I was 21), and am hoping to afford an autism assessment in the future.

If you go on food-based adventures with me, a great bond will be built.

I help run...

Where can you find me?

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